Taking it’s titular inspiration from the Light and Space art movement, an art stemming from 1960’s Southern California that was concerned with how the use of light could affect the environment and perception of the viewer, making the spectator’s experience of light and other sensory phenomena under specific conditions the focus of their work, this blog’s aim is to create a place for the collection of ideas and a knowledge and reference base of artists, art and film. By opening up the definition of ‘light’ to involve cinematic films, video art and video installations, and accepting that ‘space’ is referring to the viewer’s physical relevance to their created experience, this blog will use the base concepts behind the sensory work of the Light and Space movement to bring forward artists, work and articles in order to form links between a number of ideas and concepts. There may be moments of irrelevance but otherwise the blog will aim to continue along a single thread, each blog developing on from ideas in the previous and clarifying each thought in the purpose. Eventually creating a platform that can be used to discover artists and ideas through created connections.